Streamline your booking process and protect yourself from no-shows

ViteUneTable was designed in collaboration with restaurateurs to meet their needs

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Eliminate losses due to No-Shows

Protect your revenue by securing each reservation with a bank imprint. Our system ensures that no-shows are no longer a source of financial loss by imposing a penalty for non-appearance without prior cancellation.

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Take reservations even when you are closed

Don't miss any reservations. Your online reservation system works 24/7. This allows you to accept reservations at any time, ensuring that your restaurant can capitalize on each request, even outside of business hours.

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Simplify reservation management

Manage all reservations from an intuitive interface that allows you to view, modify, and confirm reservations in a few clicks, thus reducing time spent on the phone and reservation errors. You are not locked into the system, you can perfectly transfer your reservations to the notebook you used before ViteUneTable, just click on 'view' in ViteUneTable.

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Reach a wider audience

Our multilingual interface welcomes customers in seven different languages (more will be added according to your needs), increasing your accessibility and attracting international clientele without additional effort.

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Customize the customer experience

Offer a tailored experience by adding specific questions during the booking to better prepare for your customers' arrival, whether it be in terms of dietary preferences or special needs.

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Are you on social media? Your reservation app is too

You can directly from your restaurateur interface obtain your reservation link, you can share it everywhere: Facebook, Instagram, Google... it's compatible with everything that exists on the internet

Keep your customers informed without even thinking about it

Booking online can be stressful for people who are not familiar with the internet, ViteUneTable takes care of keeping your customers informed by automatically sending email notifications to clients throughout the reservation process, from the time they book to the day of the service, ViteUneTable takes care of everything.

*It is indeed your logo and not that of ViteUneTable that will be visible on the emails

Example of an email sent by ViteUneTable

The restaurant is a moment of sharing

Booking is one of the steps before meeting, during the reservation process and in emails, clients have a button to share their reservations. It is compatible with all market social networks and all email applications. A simple click and it's shared. People who receive the share can add the reservation to their calendars so they don't forget it.

Example of reservation sharing on iPhone

Directly visible in your clients' calendar

ViteUneTable allows the addition of the reservation to your clients' calendar, with one click, they can add the reservation to their calendars. By default, they receive a notification 2 hours and 30 minutes before the reservation.

Example of a reservation added to the calendar on iPhone

Your establishment: your brand image

Your restaurant is a unique place, a place that you have shaped in your image. ViteUneTable adapts and allows you to display your colors, your logo, and the photo of your choice in the reservation interface and in the emails sent to clients.

Example of reservation interface with the logo and colors of the restaurant

Your menu available everywhere in one click

ViteUneTable allows you to display your menu directly in the reservation interface, customers can consult it before booking. You can also share your menu on social networks and on Google, indeed, in your administration interface you can get your link, it never changes, even if your menu changes, update your menu in ViteUneTable, it will be updated everywhere.

The administration interface allowing the sharing of the menu

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